dinsdag 4 augustus 2015

The yellow haired laddie

From "In Concert" by The Livingstones, which was released in 1968. Members include Ken McKay, Frank McKay, David McCabe and John Dempsey.
The maidens are smiling in rocky Glencoe
The clansmen are arming to rush on the foe
Their banners are streaming as forth leaves the clan
And the yellow haired laddie is first in the band

The pibroch is kindling their hearts to the war
Camerons slogans are heard from afar
They close for the struggle where many shall fall
And the yellow haired laddie is the foremost of all

He towers on the wave like a wild rolling tide
No kinsman of valiance will stand by his side
The Camerons gather around him alone
He heeds not the danger and fear is unknown

The plumes o' his bonnet are seen in the fight
Those beacons of valour they light with his sight
But his sword and his claymore are greater distressed
For the plumes o' his bonnet now lie in the dust

The maidens are weeping in rocky Glencoe
From warriors' eyelids those bitter tears flow
Where tell me where is our chieftain so dear?
And the yellow haired laddie lies low on the brae 

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